Founded in 2005

In October of 2000 our team was given the clear direction from owner and developer Jim Scott to design the very best golf course in the State of Kentucky and immediate region- one that would be recognized as the ultimate test for the very best golfers. From that point forward, everything we have done has been centered on delivering that goal. In 2006, Olde Stone opened to rave reviews, many comparing or even besting other hallmark venues such as Valhalla in Louisville and The Honors Club in Chattanooga.
Olde Stone’s 7,372- yard layout is distinguished immediately by its playing conditions; zeon zoysia greens, tees and fairways in a southerly region. Each fairway was built in the fashion of putting surface; creating extensive subsurface draining, then capping each fairway with an 8- to 10-inch layer of sand.

“This is a wonderful inland site for a golf course…one of the absolute best that we’ve worked on,” said designer, Arthur Hills. Upon completion of The Club at Olde Stone, Mr. Hills remarked that it was “truly a world class facility.”

“Certainly we are pleased to see the continued well-deserved success that Olde Stone is experiencing. The growth and support of the membership is astounding- even through such challenging times as these! The course continues to be lauded by many as the best in Kentucky, and certainly, we have been pleased to see such events as the Junior Ryder Cup and the recent NCAA Regional Held at Olde Stone. The course is providing itself as an ideal venue above to test the very best golfers in the world.” -Arthur Hills

As a result, Olde Stone would be a most fitting test and venue for high level events such as the NCAA, USGA Amateur, and PGA. Olde Stone is truly a unique and dramatic golf venue and is befitting of the sort of events that are currently being contemplated. There are no gimmicky holes or unfair obstacles- the course lays out in front of the player and all of the inherent strategies are enforced with the top –level conditioning. The holes are well balanced with varieties among tee shot angles, approach lengths and recovery opportunities.

The player best suited to succeed at Olde Stone will be the one who is able to apply great discipline and patience and simply execute golf shots within his/her capabilities. Bold play may be rewarded- or penalized according to level of execution. As a result we expect Olde Stone to produce the most deserving and skillful champions.

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Jim & Rita Scott

Founding Members

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Beam
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Beard
Mr.& Mrs. Louis Berman
Mr. & Mrs. Vince Berta
Mr. & Mrs. Butch Rush
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cartwright
Mr. David Chandler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donnelly
Dr. & Mrs. Oles Drobocky
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Force
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Glasser
Dr. & Mrs. William Harston
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Earl Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Hinton
Mr. & Mrs. R. Harvey Johnston, III
Mr. Martin Jones
Mr. & Mrs. John Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lester Key
Mr. & Mrs. Barry McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Natcher
Mr. & Mrs. George Niva
Mr. Darell Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rhoades
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Dan McIvor
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Scariot
Mr. Tony Scott
Mr. & Mrs. David Sears
Mr. & Mrs. Darren Shirley
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shirley
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Don Vitale
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Denny Wedge
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Corns
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hightower
Judge & Mr. Lee Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Rick McCue
Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy G. Coombs
Coach & Mrs. Denny Crum
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Robertson
Mr. Herbert J. Smith