About The Club at Olde Stone

A sprawling destination where private golf and luxury resort offerings intertwine…

The Club at Olde Stone is Bowling Green’s premier country club. Founded in 2006 to offer an unparalleled golf experience, the lifestyle within has evolved to include a 9-hole short course, year round tennis and pickleball, a resort-style swimming pool, newly renovated dining venues, and an ageless Club calendar connecting all amenities. Surrounding the Clubhouse and the 18-pin championship course are three residential communities offering distinct settings alongside Social Membership status, while the 12 suites of The Lodge at Olde Stone extend the experience to guests and visitors.

Our Mission

The Club at Olde Stone is grounded by etiquette, family, and hospitality to provide a top tier private golf and social club environment to our residents, members, and guests.

Our Vision

A robust and welcoming private club providing the best experience Kentucky and the Southeast has to offer.

Olde Stone History

Owner and founder Jim Scott’s instructions were as crisp as the day they were given in October of 2000 — design the best golf experience in the state of Kentucky. Landing on 220 acres of bluegrass in Bowling Green, Scott found his idea at odds with a Harvard feasibility analyst he himself commissioned. In summary: this community would never support a high-end country club.

The study was no match for Scott’s vision, so he dreamed even grander. To give shape to Olde Stone’s championship golf ambitions, he hired famed course architect Arthur Hills. To animate the Club and the course, three residential communities were raised along the landscape. The Club opened in 2006 to rave reviews from players who compared the golf experience to nearby hallmarks such as Valhalla in Louisville and The Honors Club in Chattanooga; additional amenities for recreation and dining followed and have since been enhanced.

Today, Scott’s legacy continues to endure and evolve as Olde Stone widens its foothold in an esteemed Southern echelon of prized private clubs. Now a Bowling Green calling card, it’s impossible to imagine The Club at Olde Stone anywhere else.

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